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The New 911

The most anticipated release in the entire lineup, the new Porsche 911. Pronounced nine-eleven or neunelfer (if you're German) is a redesign of a timeless machine, the 992 is a perfect balance of new vs old, bringing back some of the favoured elements of previous models with a pinch of something new and modern. You shouldn't throw out features that have been positive it's more important to adjust details. Such as the headlights which are set at a sharper angle like some of its earlier generations. The door handles have been changed and cleaned up for a more streamlined exterior. Equipped with an exhaust that is highly reminiscent of a GT2.


Larger and more in charge than ever the new 911 is both longer and wider than before. They say good things come in small packages and with larger wheels in the back than in the front making for a more compact appearance. This redesign is not just a sight for sore eyes, with a brand new 8-speed dual clutch system it's beat it's predecessor by 5 seconds around the Nurburgring. That might have something to do with the turbos that sit on either side of the flat six, they now spin in opposite directions which apparently helps them spool up more quickly.


Porsche seems to be on a path to simplify and streamline its interiors with the 2019/2020 models. Most prominently in the 911 where most times the would be buttons have now been replaced by a place on a screen. Making for a more visually appealing centre console.


Ferdinand "Ferry" Anton Ernst Porsche once said "There is no such thing as the perfect car. Only the perfect car for now. A car with all the latest proven engineering concepts and design ideas". So here's hoping the new 992 is your perfect car, for now.

Date Posted: December 31, 2018