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The E3 Cayenne Is Here!

The E3 Cayenne is finally here. The newest generation Cayenne has landed and if you’re lucky enough you might see one on Winnipeg streets already. 

The latest and greatest E3 Cayenne was announced in late 2017 and was designed by Michael Mauer, who also designed the Porsche Panamera. Like the Panamera, the Cayenne is another vehicle in the line up that tends to ruffle the feathers of the Porsche purists but surprisingly enough they’ve sold 760 000 units since 2002, so they must be doing something right. 

The 911 may be the most coveted car in Porsche’s history but the Cayenne is the bread and butter to the brand as the range topper with all the bells and whistles. The brand is extremely consistent through its range of models and ensures that the performance of its SUVs is as close as possible to their sports cars. As a testament to that promise, they’ve introduced mixed tires which are already present on 911 and Panamera models. Porsche has even introduced a new technology that comes standard on the Cayenne Turbo with the  (PSCB) Porsche Surface Coated Brake. This new add-on is to provide our customers with higher performance level braking but still allows you to get off the beaten path. The intent is to make the brakes more functional and deter debris like sand and small stones from collecting in the small holes in the previous (PCCB) Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes. The 2019 Cayenne is the first model to be offered with PSCB, but other Porsche models will be offered with this option in the future. 

Although the Porsche Cayenne has been around for almost 15 years it still manages to remain relevant. With highly sophisticated technology, it is one of the world’s first SUV’s with an adaptive roof spoiler to increase the downward force or to slow the vehicle down (air brake). To trim down(65kg to be exact) the Cayenne has also used more aluminum compared to previous models which makes it 95% recyclable. Falling alongside the Panamera the 2019 Cayenne has revamped the center console for a more updated look, with a touch screen display in the place of plastic buttons the touch screen eliminates only options selected but the customer for a sleeker look. 

In 1989 the late Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche said: “If we built an off-road vehicle according to our standard of quality and it had a Porsche crest on it, people would buy it”. Back in the 80s and 90s the very idea of Porsche making an SUV once seemed like a violation to the Porsche brand. But today three-quarters of a million Cayenne customers have since proven him right, the 2019 E3 Cayenne is Ferdinand Porsche’s way of saying “I told you so”.

Date Posted: November 30, 2018