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Know Your Panamera History

Although it's not the new kid on the block, the Panamera is just as quick as the rest of the Porsche gang with a little something extra. Porsche focuses strongly on continuity from the contoured lines to three-dimensional tail lighting but it's really what's inside that counts. Traditionally the Porsche's line up answers to the 911, the Panamera is no exception but it doesn't follow all the rules. Stealthily hiding 565 hp which is about the same amount of horsepower as a Ferrari 458 (Turbo S Executive) This luxury four-door supercar is surprisingly quick 0-100 in 3.7 seconds and it weighs about as much as an adult rhino. 


The name Panamera is borrowed from Carrera Panamericana, a sedan racing event running through Mexico along the Texas border in the 1950s. Which seems quite fitting as the race was limited to stock sedans with 5 seats. Although I'm not entirely certain that this sleek fastback saloon was intended for the treacherous border to border racing.


Besides the fact that the exterior of the Panamera is highly disputed, it interestingly enough was designed by the same designer as the 991 and all things considered, it's a perfect blend of the 989 concepts and staying true to the brand.

Date Posted: October 31, 2018