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Michelin and Porsche

There are two ways of dealing with success. You can either sit back and enjoy it, or simply reflect on it immediately afterwards and then move on - to the next successful project. The latter has been the philosophy of both Michelin and Porsche from the start. Passion combined with a meticulous approach and continual advancements make Michelin the leading developer of high performance tires - and Porsche the sportscar brand that it is today. Together, therefore, they form a brilliant partnership.

Porsche and Michelin have been working hand-in-hand since 1961 and can also look back on a successful 30 year partnership in the field of motorsport. Being in action on the world's toughest race tracks has led to exemplary technology transfer. Experiences gained on the race track find their way into every Porsche production vehicle.

At Porsche's R&D department in Weissach, Germany, Porsche is working together with Michelin on the development of special tires that not only increase performance, but also enhance safety and reduce fuel consumption.Individually, for every Porsche model. From the all-season/low rolling resistance tire right through to the high performance racing tire, the same result is achieved: tires that form one single unit with the vehicle.

Michelin tires enhance the performance and efficiency you expect from a Porsche. So the best way that you can be prepared for the future today is with Michelin. The most important link between your Porsche and the road.

  Porsche and Michelin - Dynamics, performance, safety 

To learn more about the synergistic technology of Michelin and Porsche, click here to view a detailed "Virtual Brochure."