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The Porsche Centre Winnipeg Team

Tim  Satanove

Tim Satanove | VP

Tim worked his way through the ranks over 15+ years as a salesman, business manager, sales manager, general sales manager, general manager, and now vice president. Fueled by a true passion for automotive retail and customer service, Tim’s success can be attributed to an unequaled work ethic and a knack for building teams that carry out his vision.

Anderson Le

Anderson Le | General Manager

My name is Anderson Le, I was born and raised here in Winnipeg and have been passionate about cars from a very young age. I have worked my way from an 18-year-old lot attendant to having many roles in the car industry including Service, Parts, Sales, Finance Manager, and Sales Manager.

I have experience with many luxury makes and models. My all-time favourite car is the Carrera GT and it's a privilege to be working with Porsche. We have the most exciting product and I am happy to be a part of Porsche Centre Winnipeg.

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email:

Josh Lynch

Josh Lynch | Finance/Sales Manager

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email:

Mateo Ramirez

Mateo Ramirez | Porsche Sales Specialist

My name is Mateo Ramirez and I’m one of the Sales Executives here at Porsche Centre Winnipeg. I have been in automotive sales since 2014 but come from a previous career in sales as well. I started my career in automotive with Toyota but made the change to Porsche and could not be happier with my decision. I was born and raised here in Winnipeg. I look forward to meeting new clients and am excited to be a part of the Porsche Centre Winnipeg team. 

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email:

Irwin Zhou

Irwin Zhou | Porsche Sales Specialist

My name is Haoyu Zhou but you can just call me Irwin. My experience working in the automotive industry has spanned over 10 years.  I started my automotive career working for a generalized chassis manufacturing company and worked my way up to vehicle sales. Working in the car industry has taught me that there are plenty of opportunities within this field.

My motivation to work is my family. I like to start every day fresh and work hard; every day is a new day for me at Porsche. I am looking forward to growing with this team and would like to invite all of my clients, past, present, and future, to drop by Porsche Centre Winnipeg.

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email:

James Baron

James Baron | Porsche Sales Specialist

My name is James Baron and I am a Sales Specialist with Porsche Centre Winnipeg. Growing up around car dealerships has given me a passion for cars that I love to share with my clients and colleagues. I have had the pleasure of working with German luxury vehicles for the past 4 years and I am excited to bring that knowledge and high level of service to all of my clients.


Born and raised in Winnipeg, I understand the unique challenges that life in the Prairies can present and how we can overcome those challenges together. Let me show you how well Porsche fits your lifestyle!

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email:

Brent Broten

Brent Broten | After Sales Manager, Globally Certified Brand Ambassador

My name is Brent Broten and I am the After Sales Manager for Porsche Centre Winnipeg. I come from years of automotive experience, starting from when I was 16 detailing cars at a local dealership. In my early days I was very interested in all aspects of engine rebuilding particularly with german cars.  In early 2013 when I started with Porsche, it was a dream come true and I am excited to share my passion with you throughout your Porsche ownership. I am very fortunate to be a part of the Porsche Centre Winnipeg team and look forward to assisting customers in any way that we can. 

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email:


Brent "Junior" Drozd | After Sales Advisor

My name is Brent Drozd and I have been in the automotive industry for the past three years. I previously worked with Ford so I do have a soft spot for Mustangs, however I am very excited to be working with Porsche at this point in my career. I enjoy concerts and spending time with friends and family in my spare time. I have aspirations to own a Porsche 911 Carrera one day and could not be happier to be a part of the Porsche Centre Winnipeg team.

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email:

Kirk Stubner

Kirk Stubner | Porsche Parts Specialist

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email:

Ray  Johnson

Ray Johnson | Porsche Technician

Phone: 204.284.7521 • Email: